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2003 Venice 49cc Scooter

2003 Venice 49cc Scooter

2003 Venice 49cc Scooter


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Better than any other YAMAHA 'Vino' Copy!

Beats the Galileo, Retro, JoyRide, Geely, Jonway, YOU NAME IT!...

2003 Venice 49 cc Scooter

2003 Venice 49cc Scooter
Take a 'Retro' Ride on a 49cc "Venice". The Venice is a stylish tribute to the classic European motor scooters of the 1950's. Today's Venice combines yesterday's retro looks with today's dependable engineering.

IMPROVED for 2003!

“Style” Smoked Windscreen in front of speedometer.
New style front turn signals mounted on handlebars.
Chromed package hook in front area next to steering column. Helmet lock hook under seat.
Dual throttle cable that connects to both the carburetor and the 2 cycle oil supply line.
Thicker main axle casing to prevent oil leaks.
New design hose clips to prevent oil and/or vacuum leaks.
New design gas cap with more pronounced arrows to assist with cap removal / installation

-90 days labor/1 year parts warranty!
-Call us at 631-375-4046 for any questions

Length: 64.76 in Width 24.41 in Height 41.14 in
Wheelbase: 48.03 in
Dry Weight: 154 lbs
Engine Type: 2 Stroke, Air Cooled Displacement 49.5 cc
Compression Ratio: 6.9:1
Rated: Power 5 Hp
Speed: up to 40mph+ (depending on rider weight) upgrades available.
Fuel Type/Capacity: 91 Octane/1.5 Gals
Ignition Type: CDI
Transmission: CVT
Front: Brake Drum
Rear: Brake Drum
Starter Type: Electric & Kick

The Venice is shipped in user friendly packaging, which is all recycleable (no steel, wood or metal fasteners).

For your convenience, the Venice comes with a battery charger that connects the battery to a standard 110v outlet to provide you a full charge for your first ride or if your Venice is placed in extended storage.

A few easy to follow instructions are the only setup requirements before you are ready to ride your Venice Scooter!

SALE!  $1388.88 Includes Residential Delivery! (most continental U.S. states)

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ATS (anti-theft spec.) Package!  Includes:

Anti - Theft Alarm System with Keyless Remote (installed) - $120.00 Value
Cable Wheel Lock - $15.00 Value
Custom Fitted Scooter Cover - $75.00 Value
Touch Up Paint - $15.00 Value


Chromed Front Headlight and Panel - $75.00 Value
Decorative Chrome Bezel Front Reflectors - $50 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $350.00

Only $149.88   Over a 50% Savings!

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